Its almost that time of year, time to get the equipment ready, all our vests hung back up and ready to bag. This will be our eighteenth year to provide the cycling and triathlon community with quality motorcycle support. 
We have a pretty full schedule and we have a few more races to add to our calendar for this season.
We begin the season in Montgomery, Alabama with Team Magic at the Capitol of Dreams Triathlon. Always a fun and fast race we can't wait to get back to "what we do".
This will be the thirtieth anniversary of the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge and this year will have a KOM at the top of Burkhalter. It should prove interesting.
While we have a busy schedule we do have a few open dates should your race or ride need high quality, experienced motorcycle support.
As old man winter begins to wain and we get ready for the 2016 season, we have our schedule of races posted. A few races are not listed as we do not have confirmation of the events. 
This is our seventeenth season providing moto support and we have some great crews who work very hard to make events fun, safe, and fair for all the participants. 
For 2016, I will not personally be the captain for any Ironman event. This was a personal choice that I made over our off season. The struggles of 2014 and 2015 both with my career and my health have led me to not return as captain. 
As we prepare for the first event of the year, we will make some improvements to my Wing and get her ready to start her 13th year as my ride and the namesake of our team. 
We hope to see many of you at our events and let's have a fun and safe 2016 cycling season.

Harry T. Stone
Moto Captain/Founder/ Team Leader
Effective August 1, 2015, we will no longer be offering photo services to athletic events. This was not an easy decision for us but we feel we have made the right choice. 
The choice to shutter our photography arm was made after we could not provide photo services for events with the quality we wanted and still be profitable. Our Lab costs, shipping costs and general overhead levels were at levels we could not overcome a. Our regular clients know we have had a battle with our software for over a year and we finally decided that it was better to stop photography services than to fight the software, our IT folks and our lab at every event. 
Our web site will remain up for at least twelve months and we hope that everyone gets photos if you haven't already. 
We are offering drastically reduced photo prices, on a limited number of products, that go back to some 2011 races as well as the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge from this year. Photos can be found at
We will still be providing moto support to many area cycling events and look forward to doing so for many 
years to come.
Prints and Print/Download packages ar 66% off
Digital Downloads are 70% off
Gifts Items and Collages are 50% off
Sorry, but you can not combine photos from more than one event. Our software will not allow us to do so.
Please remember if you order a print or download with a border (Race Date and/or logo), you must align the print to the bottom of the image.
Remember you can crop, zoom, and edit images before you buy your prints or rendered downloads. 
The "All Spotted Digital Images" package is $15 per race. This will allow you to receive a download of every photo taken of you in a race. 
Thank you all for your loyalty and your business.


Harry T. Stone
The Purple Wing